Back from our first European tour! A loose combination of amateur musicians with years of jug band experience, Fat Chance covers not only classic jug band tunes from Cannon’s Jug Stompers and the Memphis Jug Band, but jug band versions of classic country, blues, early rock, and modern singer songwriters. Unlike many so-called jug bands, we actually use a jug, as well as washboards, kazoos, guitars, banjo, mandolin, washtub bass and harmonica. Fat Chance has taken home the trophy at Jug Band Battles throughout Minnesota. Plus some kazoo-like instruments that Bob invented.
Available for bars, coffeehouses, and other low joints, as well as private parties, country picnics, festivals and the like. If we feel like it.

Bob Fyfe

Bob Fyfe: jug, kazoos, guitar, harmonica, vocals, slide whistle. Also washtub bass, washboard, musical saw, ukulele.

Randy Marsh

Randy Marsh: vocals, guitar, kazoo

Kris Garwood

Kris Garwick: washboard, kazoo, vocals, train whistle

Ludwig Newheim

Ludwig Nesheim: banjo, mandolin, washtub bass

Jeremy Iggers: banjo

Bill Lawrence, guitar and mandolin

Pam Bowers, standup bass

Past Members:

Al Haug

Cindy Gentling