In the late summer/ fall of 1996, Jeff Cahill and Willie Mamoser had a weekly acoustic gig at the 400 Bar on the West Bank on Wednesday afternoons. They would do a set, and for the second set, they would let other local musicians play with them. At the end of the year Jeff moved on and the ownership of the 400 Bar changed. So some of us decided to move the jam down the street to the Viking Bar, and had a weekly Wednesday early evening gig.

For the 1997 Minneapolis Battle of the Jug Bands, some of us played as the Mill City Jug Band, and again in May at the Duluth Battle of the Jug Bands. Later, we had a gig at the Record Runner record store.

The following year, we played as the Poverty Hill Jug Band at the Minneapolis BOJB, and later as the Fat Chance Jug Band at the Duluth BOJB.

Since then, the FCJB has played at most of the Battles of the Jug Bands, including the ones in Effie, MN, and at Floyd’s Tavern in Victoria, winning multiple times in Duluth, Effie and Victoria, and most recently, the 2016 Battle of the Jug Bands in Minneapolis. The band has had many changes of players, including the deaths of Sharon Wold and Al Haug, and has also performed with various bands, including the Girls on Top Jug Band and the Old Time Jug Band.

Past players include Doug Anderson, Sarita Woods, Jade J. Schulz, “Jumpin'” John Rob, Willie Mamoser, Craig Kent, Sharon Wold, Adam Kiesling, Al Haug, Joyce Raan, Cindy Gentling and Pam Bowers.  Randy Marsh, Ludwig Nesheim and Bob Fyfe have been playing together since the 400 Bar days, and Kris Garwick joined shortly after 2000. Jeremy Iggers has been playing with the band since 2015. When not playing gigs, the band gets together to play songs mostly on a weekly basis.